Field Irrigation Equipments

Landscape & Residential Sprinklers are designed for a wide range of general field uses portable systems, to meet the demanding needs of modern, economic irrigation systems. Featuring a sophisticated field tested construction and the use of highly corrosion resistant materials, they ensure fall safe operation and long life requiring a minimum maintenance. we have a wide range of Landscape & Residential Sprinkler starting from small nozzle size with low flow rates to large nozzle size with high flow rates.

Features and Specifications

  • Rugged Ribbing Case Rugged ribbing case for maximum strength and durability, also provides anti-vandalism anchorage
  • Finger-Tip Adjustment Mechanism User friendly, finger tip adjustment to full or part circle mechanism
  • High Performance Washer Long life Teflon washer helps to give uniform and hassle free rotation
  • Diffuser Screw Control Diffuser screw breaks water into smaller droplets for uniform watering
  • Vanes in Nozzle Integrated stream-straightening vane for maximum range
  • Option for Inlet Connection Available in ½” female threaded connection for connectivity with system either from bottom or from one side.
  • Discharges : 450-1180 lph
  • Diameter : 21 m to 26 m
  • Recommended Pressure : 2 kg/cm² to 4 kg/cm²
  • Inlet Connection : 1/2” male threaded & 3/4″ female threaded
  • Nominal operating pressure is 2.0 kg/cm2. Can be used for other pressure ratings (lower / higher) after consulting company representative and due care for spacing and application rate.
  • Easy to install with different mounting options, for details please refer to “Polyfittings & Accessories” section.


  • For public lawns and residential gardens
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