HDPE Azolla Bed

The demand for milk and meat in India is creating new potential in the profitability of animal husbandry as an occupation. Yet, at the same time, there is a substantial decline in fodder availability. The area under forest and grasslands is decreasing as is the amount of various crop residues available for feed, largely due to the introduction of high yielding dwarf varieties. The search for alternatives to concentrates led us to a wonderful plant azolla, which holds the promise of providing a sustainable feed for livestock. Azolla is a floating fern and belongs to the family of Azollaceae. Azolla hosts symbiotic blue green algae, Anabaena azollae, which is responsible for the fixation and assimilation of atmospheric nitrogen. Azolla bed are compact, cost effective and strong. Manufactured from multilayered HDPE Reinforced Geomembrane, Azolla beds are U.V. stabilized, puncture resistant, fungus resistant and waterproof. They can be erected on any surface in a short amount of time.


  • Azolla beds offer a unique combination of light weight material and extremely tough construction.
  • Azolla beds are economical.
  • They are compact, easy to transport and install.
  • Several beds can be erected in just a few hours.
  • They are installed above the ground, which means that there is no digging or compacting of pits is required, resulting in savings of such expenses.

Size of Azolla Bed:

  • 12.5 ft X 5 ft X 0.5 ft