Shade net house

Aerotech Net houses have a variety of applications, the majority being, growing of vegetables, floriculture and fruit crop growing for export market. In conventional Agronomical Practices, the crop are being grown / cultivate in the open field under natural conditions where the crops are more susceptible to sudden changes in climate i.e. temperature, humidity, light intensity, photo period and other conditions due to which the quality, yield of a particular crop can get affected and may be decreased.

Type of   Net House:

  • Round  Net House
  • Round  Net House with Side Arc
  • Flat  Net House

Features and Specifications:

  • Galvanized Steel Construction.
  • Special Aluminium locking profile to fix covering materials with structure.
  • Designed to withstand wind speed of 140 kmph.
  • Bears, hanging load 15-25 kg per
  • Inside insect net house movable   nets (Manual/Motorized).
  • UV stabilized covering materials like 40/50 mesh Insect Net or   net 50% shading/ Thermal Net.
  • Trellising system for vegetable.
  • Prefabricated structure which makes easy to assembled & dissembles.
  • Complete structure is assembled with Nut-bolts.
  • No wielding is required.
  • Control System – Manual / Semi Automatic / Automatic Fully Computerized / Weather Station.
  • Planting materials – soil less media like coco peat.
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  • Yield increases by 5-7 times or even more.
  • Uniform and better quality.
  • Reduction of labour cost.
  • Less fertilizer requirement, thus reduction in fertilizer cost.
  • Low water requirement thus saving water.
  • Less chances of disease attack, thus reduction in disease control cost.
  • Higher efficiency of water & fertilizer use.
  • Cultivation in problematic topography.
  • Cultivation in problematic soil conditions.
  • Cultivation in problematic climate conditions.
  • Requires less area to get maximum yield and benefits.
  • Easy to operate, maintain & control.
  • Production of vegetable crops.
  • Production of flowers.
  • Production of Herbs.
  • Nursery secondary hardening nursery of Tissue cultured plant.


Production of vegetable crops.

  • Production of flowers.
  • Nursery.
  • Secondary hardening nursery of Tissue cultured plant.
  • Growth / Production of rare plants.

Crops Grown:

  • Vegetable : Tomato, Capsicum, Coloured Capsicum, Cauliflower,

Cabbage, Okra, Bitter Gourd, Onion, Coriander, Spinach, Chilli, Radish etc.

  • Fruits : Strawberry, Papaya etc.
  • Flowers : Cut Flowers

Technical Specifications