Agro Shade Net

Vegetative & Productive phase of all crops have specific requirement of light & temperature to function & produce optimally. Aerotech Shade Net is designed for use in agriculture and horticulture to control growing conditions, manipulate growth patterns and protect crops from excesses of sun, wind and hail by regulating quality & quantity of light required. The availability and distribution of usable Phtosynthetically Active Radiation is achieved by use of certain colours of Aerotech. All this greatly improves crop yields both in quality and quantity and earlier cost effective harvesting. Shading has also been useful for the early production of vegetable Seedlings from August to September and for extending the season of some vegetables in the open field.

Product Details:

  • Width: 3/4/4.2/5/5.5/6 mtr
  • Application: Horticulture and Floriculture ,Garden and Nursery,Green House and         Shade House,Tea Garden
  • Color: Green, White, Black, Blue
  • Material: HDPE Plastic
  • Shade Rate (%): 35,50,75,90

Type of Shade nets

Presently shade nets are available in different colours i.e. white, black, red, blue, yellow and green and in combinations:

  • Green x Black – cut off un-wanted U.V rays and gives aesthetic look. Used in grape for providing shade and helps in drying.
  • Black x Black – it absorbs and radiates heat inside the shadenet house. Used in nursery raising.
  • White x Black – diffuses the light inside the shadenet house. Mainly used for flowers such as Gerbera, Anthurium etc.
  • Green x Green – enhance the process of photosynthesis in plants resulting better foliage in ornamental plants.