Greenhouse covering film

The main purpose of the Greenhouse Covering is to create a controlled internal environment regardless of the external environment for protected cultivation. With better control, a better crop yield and quality can be achieved. These covering films do the job of controlling light, temperature and physical protection of the crop from winds, rains, snow etc and maintain a controlled environment inside, in different climatic conditions. This creates a possibility to extend the growing season, fresh fruits, flowers & vegetables all round the year.

Greenhouse cover or greenhouse film uses polyethylene sheet for covering crops. It optimizes light transmittance and minimizes temperature fluctuations apart from protecting & enhancing crop growth and harvest. It excellently protects the crops like capsicum, cucumber, tomatoes, strawberries & flowers like roses, gerbera, carnation etc. against climate aggressions and insects as well as gets earlier higher crop yield with exceptional insulation for a relatively shorter period. Farmers, technicians and entrepreneurs are provided training on greenhouse construction, crop selection, overall greenhouse management, marketing of products etc.

Greenhouse covering films


  • Thickness : 200 micron (3 year)
  • Width: Upto 9 meters
  • Film Appearance : Clear, White Diffused Greenish-Yellowish


  • Huge increase in yields as well as produce quality
  • Major cut in use of pesticides
  • Lower farming costs
  • Better prices with crops round the year
  • Benefits maximized with integrated crop management methods


  • Films with excellent UV, IR and Thermal Stability
  • Anti-dust helps proper light transmission
  • Anti-drip/fog reduces water droplets for protection from diseases
  • Appropriate morning light transmission
  • UV blocking gives anti-petal blackening and anti-virus effect
  • IR-Reflective helps in temperature reduction upto 5°c
  • IR-Thermic helps to trap heat inside greenhouse
  • Anti-Sulphur / Nickel Quencher properties provide protection against action of chemicals
  • Superb mechanical strengths : impact strength, tear resistance, flex crack resistance & ESCR increase in the service life of film