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Precise and regulated application of irrigation water and plant nutrients at low pressure and frequent intervals `through drippers/emitters...


Green House


Agro Shade Net

Water Pumps

Agro Shade Net

Vegetative & Productive phase of all crops have specific requirement of light & temperature to function & produce optimally. Aerotech Shade Net is designed for use in agriculture and horticulture to control growing conditions, manipulate …

Crop Cover

A Step Closer to organic farming. Its a great solution for open field vegetable cultivation.Crop covers are non woven light weight polypropylene covering suitable for open field vegetable cultivation. It weights 17 GSM (for summer application) and 23 GSM (for winter application). This is applied on the crop as …

Greenhouse Covering Film

The main purpose of the Greenhouse Covering is to create a controlled internal environment regardless of the external environment for protected cultivation. With better control, a better crop yield and quality can be achieved. 

Ground cover

Ground cover which is also known as weed Control Fabric is manufactured from UV stabilized polypropylene flat tapes. The polypropylene Ground Cover/ Weed Control fabric is available with green marker lines at 12 inches (30cm) intervals. 

Insect Net

Our woven insect net is made out of high quality polyethylene HDPE and contains UV Inhibitors to protect them from the sun. Under normal conditions they should last up to 10 years. All of our insect netting is made to our own exact specifications. The nets have reinforced outside edges and a unique 4 layer double sewn join.

Mulch Film

Mulching is covering the soil around the plant with plastics film, straw, grass, hay, dry leaves, stones etc which prevents the loss of moisture and acts as a barrier between the soil and atmosphere. It helps in moderating the soil temperature & micro-climate in the plant root zone, which helps to increase yield and early maturity of crops.