Naturally ventilated greenhouse – best suited for areas where temperature ranges between 15oC to 30oC. The structure should have a provision of sufficient number of openings for ventilation. The percentage of ventilation will be up to 60% of the floor area depending upon climatic conditions. The openings may be side wall vent or roof vent or both to exchange air (hot/cold) flow inside the greenhouse. During the summer period the openings are provided need to ensure efficient air movement and should be fully airtight during winter period

Features and Specifications:

  • Designed to withstand wind speed of 140 Kmph
  • Galvanized Pipe Construction.
  • Special Aluminium locking profile to fix covering materials with structure
  • Bears, hanging load 15- 25 Kg per Sq. Mt.
  • Natural Roof and side wall ventilation system.
  • UV stabilized covering materials of Polyethylene film.
  • UV Stabilized Sheet 1400 micron for Draingage Sheet.
  • Air circulation fans
  • Shading Net
  • Prefabricated structure which makes easy to assemble & dissemble.
  • Complete structure is assembled with Nut-bolts.
  • No welding is required.
  • Starting and closing of Micro Irrigation System. 


  • Yield increases by 5-7 times or even more.
  • Uniform and better quality
  • Reduction in labour cost
  • Less fertilizer requirement, thus reduction in fertilizer cost.
  • Low water requirement thus saving in water.
  • Less chances of disease attack, thus reduction in disease control cost.
  • Higher Efficiency of Water & Fertilizer Use.
  • Cultivation in problematic topography.
  • Cultivation in problematic soil conditions.
  • Cultivation in problematic climate conditions.
  • Requires less area to get maximum yield and benefits other Nutrients to the plant.
  • Operation of Foggers/ Sprinkler/ Drip System as required.
  • Opening and closing of ventilators and side wall roll up curtains as needed.
  • Operation of air circulation fan


Production of vegetable crops.

  • Production of flowers.
  • Nursery.
  • Secondary hardening nursery of Tissue cultured plant.

Technical Specifications