Ground cover

Ground cover which is also known as weed Control Fabric is manufactured from UV stabilized polypropylene flat tapes. The polypropylene Ground Cover/ Weed Control fabric is available with green marker lines at 12 inches (30cm) intervals. The Ground cover/ Weed Control Fabric prevent weed growth and allows air circulation. The fabric protects the roots from the spread of fungus and bacteria. It is permeable to air and water and is resistant to mildew and rotting.

Ground Cover / Weed Control fabric is used in various applications such as landscaping, green houses, nurseries, shade structures, etc

Ground Cover Specification:

  • WIDTH = Any width up to 5.4 meters
  • GSM = 90 to 500 grams.
  • WEAVE = Plain or Twill as required.
  • EDGES = 3.8meters, 4.5meters and 5.4meters width with salvage and others width without salvage (Only heat cut)
  • COLOUR = As required. 

Ground Cover Benefits.

  • Good UV stability
  • Good puncture and abrasion resistance
  • Good light blocking.
  • Good water transmission.
  • Can be through planted.
  • Raises ground temperature and maintains soil humidity.
  • Can be covered with bark and chippings etc..
  • Reduces need for chemical weed control.