Green houses

Aerotech remains a pioneer establishment in India for Designing, Fabrication and Construction of Green House of superior quality at a reasonable price. Due to sincere and dedication,


Green House


Agro Shade Net

Water Pumps

Naturally Ventilated Poly Green House

Naturally ventilated greenhouse – best suited for areas where temperature ranges between 15oC to 30oC. The structure should have a provision of sufficient number of openings for ventilation. The percentage of ventilation will be up to 60% of the floor area depending upon climatic conditions. 

High Tech Greenhouse

Greenhouse with fan and pad cooling system – best suited for hot dry climatic conditions such as Northern plains where temperature goes above 30 oC,.  through wet pad located at one end of the wall, where hot air is replaced by co-axial fans mounted on the opposite end of wall. 

Shade Net House

Aerotech Net houses have a variety of applications, the majority being, growing of vegetables, floriculture and fruit crop growing for export market. In conventional Agronomical Practices