HDPE Vermibed

Vermicomposting can be defined as a process of converting organic waste into vermicompost through the activities of earthworm. It is the advanced method of composting where earthworms eat the decomposed material and excrete it out as casting which is known as vermicast or vermicompost. During feeding, earthworms use 5-10% of the food intake for their growth and the rest is excreted.

Vermicomposting is the future of organic farming. It helps to convert all organic waste into nourishing manure for crops, through the use of earthworms, which makes it entirely natural. Vermiwash, the liquid produced during the process of making vermicompost can be diluted and used as an organic and completely safe pesticide for the crops.

Aerotech  HDPE Vermibeds are specially manufactured to cope with both indoor and outdoor composting operations. Our vermibeds are made from multilayer coated HDPE fabric with UV stability, puncture resistant, waterproof, and are unaffected with most of the chemicals, which makes them strong, durable and compact.

HDPE Vermibed


  • Size: 12feet (L) x 4feet (W) x 2feet (H) for 96 cft.
  • Colour: Green on Outside, white on inner side.
  • Pocket: 14 pocket for inserting pegs.
  • Windows: 3 Net windows on both length sides of the bed Size 260mm x 150mm
  • Bottom Outlet Size; 40mm x 100mm at the bottom in one corner.
  • Mass: 340 gm2


  • Aerotech Vermibeds offer a unique combination of light weight material and extremely tough construction.
  • Fitted with aerations windows,that offers optimal aeration control to allow the compost to maintain proper moisture and oxygen level.
  • Aerotech vermibeds are easy to install. Several beds can be erected in just a few hours.
  • The compact and easy to transport.
  • Cost effective and economical.
  • Flexible and economical.
  • Easy to handle and install.
  • Provision of outlet in the bottom corner for collection of vermiwash.
  • There is a better distribution and availability of nutrients to the crop in soils where vermicompost is used.
  • Minimum loss of water through evaporation when vermi compost is applied. This results in reduced irrigation requirement in the crop.
  • When compared to farm yard manure, the quantity of actinomycetes (biological organisms) in vermi compost is many times higher and this increases the resistance of the corps to pest.
  • Vermi compost improves the moisture holding capacity of the soil and increases the availability of water to the crops.