HDPE Vermibed

A Step Closer to organic farming. Its a great solution for open field vegetable cultivation.


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HDPE Vermibed

The Vermibed from Aerotech with special features is designed to produce 100 % high quality Bio fertilizer (organic fertilizer) which is the renovation of organic waste.

Available in size 3600 x 1200 x 600mm (LxWxH), this Vermibed from Aerotech is manufactured as per IS: 15907:2010,’ with following features and advantages.


HDPE Vermibed Benefits

  • It is U.V. Stabilized.
  • Flexible and economical.
  • Easy to handle and install.
  • Available with facility for ventilation
  • Provision of outlet in the bottom corner for collection of vermiwash.
  • There is a better distribution and availability of nutrients to the crop in soils where vermicompost is used.
  • Minimum loss of water through evaporation when vermi compost is applied. This results in reduced irrigation requirement in the crop.
  • When compared to farm yard manure, the quantity of actinomycetes (biological organisms) in vermi compost is many times higher and this increases the resistance of the corps to pest.
  • Vermi compost improves the moisture holding capacity of the soil and increases the availability of water to the crops.

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